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The ECHOmatic® (21560070) and ECHOmatic® Pro™ (21560031) are a go-to for industry professionals and homeowners alike. The easy bump-to-advance operation makes this head indispensable in the field or on the yard. Designed specifically for ECHO SRM models they are ideal for commercial landscapers who want on-the-go head replacements to minimize down time and line replacement.

Both models are solid 2-piece construction with a partitioned spool to reduce line tangles and come pre-loaded with 20 ft. of .095" Cross-Fire trimmer line. The ECHOmatic heads require manual loading of trimmer line. Commercial landscapers can load multiple heads for field use and save downtime in the field by just replacing the head with pre-loaded heads.  A great option for busy days where every second counts.
  • Ideal for homeowners, commercial landscapers and professionals
  • Durable, 2-piece construction head for light to medium-duty trimming applications
  • Simple tap-to-advance to reload
  • Accepts up to 20' of .095" line
  • Comes pre-loaded with 20' of .095" Cross-Fire
  • Requires manual loading of trimmer line

Available Part No.:

  • 21560031 ECHOmatic Pro fits all ECHO SRM models
  • 21560070 ECHOmatic fits all ECHO SRM models
  • Accepts maximum line diameter .130"
  • Accepts maximum line diameter .105"

Available Bulk Part No.:

Bulk ECHOmatic Pro: 21560031B – 24 ct.
Fits all ECHO SRM models and other brands listed above (check model fit up below for additional Models)

Bulk ECHOmatic: 21560070B – 24 ct.
Fits all ECHO SRM models listed above

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Type Bump-to-Advance Accepts Line Diameter 20' of .095" line
Max Capacity .105"/.130" (Pro) Number Of Cutters 2
Weight 0.5 Pkg. Qty Single (1) or Bulk (24)
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