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ECHO's Bar and Chain Oil (6459012 and 6459006) is special blend of lubricants and detergents that help to maximize chainsaw lubricity while reducing heat caused from bar and chain friction.  Special additives assist in minimizing resin build-up while our special formulation facilitates chip and dust removal to keep your saw and chain operating at peak performance.
  • Ideal for homeowners and professionals
  • For use on chainsaws and pruners
  • Reduces heat caused from bar and chain friction
  • Keep chain lubricated during saw operation to prevent lock up
  • Minimizes resin build-up
  • Facilitates chip and dust removal

Available Part No.:

6459012 – 1 qt. Bar and Chain Oil
6459006 – 1 gal. Bar and Chain Oil

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Volume 1 qt./ 1 gal. Mix Volume NA
Engine Type NA Rating
Oil Type 30W Color Amber/Tan
Package Bottle